The Miles Circuit: A set of positions than can better help relieve pressure on mom’s back, and potentially turn a malpositioned baby.

Davoli Prenatal Massage: Caroline Waggoner is an incredibly passionate and intuitive masseuse. She specializes in Mayan Abdominal Massage.

Prenatal Yoga with Jodi Boone: Jodi is a wonderful yoga instructor and leads a very special prenatal yoga class. She currently teaches prenatal yoga at: 8 Limbs Yoga on Phinney Ridge


Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way: a wonderful resource for those wanting a natural delivery. For mothers opting for a medicated birth this book also gives you some solid techniques to cope with labor pains before you get to the hospital.


Baby Breast Crawl: This video shows baby’s instinctual movements to find mother’s breast within first hour of being born.

Hand Expression of Breastmilk: This 10 minute tutorial out of Stanford University teaches mom how to hand express her milk.