I strive to provide the best support to my clients. Here’s what a few of them had to say about my work!

Maggie B.

“My husband, Gordon (G), & I asked Daniela (D) to be present at our birth as our doula, & we are happy that she was there with us! D guided us throughout our pregnancy by sharing resources & expertise with us & meeting with us several times before and after our birth. When we met, D went through all of the options we could be faced with during labor, (if this happens, then you’ll be met with these choices). It was helpful to think through all of the possibilities ahead of time & then choose our preferences. She also shared with us what to do during early labor at home.

All of the preparation that D helped us with before our birth turned out to be incredibly helpful, as we had a 30 hour labor that ended in a Cesarean. Each time we were faced with new information & a difficult decision we felt as though we had already considered what we would do in the event of each situation before us, & D was right there with us to support us. She asked the right questions at the right time to us, to the nurses and midwives, and helped us navigate conversations with OBs & the anesthesiologist. We would have been lost without her.

When the going gets tough, D steps forward not back. She was there in the trenches with us, holding me when I got sick, setting rituals for working through the pain, relaying updates to my parents at my request, being an extra set of hands, eyes, & ears for G, & a non-judgmental advocate for us. When it was time for the c-section, D was allowed into the surgery, & this happened because she works so well with all of the different people involved with the birth. On top of all of the other reasons why we are so glad D was with us, one of the best parts of her involvement was that when the baby was born my husband didn’t have to worry about taking care of me, he could be with the baby and make sure she was alright. It made our experience better to have D with us, & we highly recommend her doula services!”

Carrie S.

“Daniela is a superb birth doula. She is attentive, professional, nurturing, knowledgable and skilled. I knew all of this before my delivery from our pre birth sessions- she always came with knowledge, wisdom and supremely organized. My husband and I knew we were in good hands and felt better just knowing she would part of our birth experience. But, most importantly, when I went into labor, Daniela was with us the moment we needed her and did not leave our side until our baby was in the world, safe and sound.

I had a difficult and long labor and through it all, Daniela was by my side, advocating for me and physically easing my discomfort and anxiety. She coached my husband and calmed him when he was overwhelmed by the duration and difficulty of the delivery. She worked very well with our midwife and nursing staff, who were all very impressed with her and appreciated all that she did to ease the experience for everyone. She was even able to come in for the c section and stayed by my side the whole time so that my husband could move around the room and see what was happening with the baby.

Once our beautiful Malina was born, Daniela stayed with us for yet a few more hours to make sure that all was well and as it should be. I can’t say strongly enough how fortunate we were to have Daniela’s strength, love and skills in the room with us from labor through recovery. She is a gem and our delivery would have been a more stressful and overwhelming experience without her. She made it a much more manageable and beautiful experience and memory for us.”

Julie M.

“When we started the journey of parenthood, we didn’t even know what a doula was. Daniela epitomizes the meaning of the word doula – she took care of us since the moment we met. She always listened to us and asked all the right questions to help us figure out the type of birth we wanted while keeping an open mind to all of the unknown possibilities.

And then there was the labor and delivery. Without Daniela I’m not sure we would have made it through a natural childbirth. Her calmness, energy, caring and knowledge guided us through the whole experience. There is nothing more intimate and incredible than having a child. We are so grateful that Daniela was there with us and recommend her highly to anyone looking for a doula. And if you don’t know what a doula is, ask Daniela and then you will be convinced that you want one too.”

Jamie L.

“I had a high risk pregnancy, and very little support. I was advised to look into getting a doula, and didn’t know much about what a doula does. Now, I know that my pregnancy and labor wouldn’t have gone as well as it had without Daniela. She was so supportive, encouraging, knowledgable, intuitive, and patient. She’s extremely friendly, and very down-to-earth.

When labor was getting close she showed me exercises to do, ways to keep calm, and how to handle the pain. So, when I actually was in labor, I felt much more aware, confident, and calm enough to the point that I didn’t need her until contractions were too much for me to handle. After delivery, she followed up, and made sure that things were still going okay. I have never felt such a bond build so fast with someone before. If I ever have another child, I definitely would want Daniela there again.”

Angela S.

“I chose Daniela as my doula because of her warm personality, positive energy, and enthusiastic spirit. These qualities turned out to be a great help during labor and delivery. She was so supportive of my birthing preferences and encouraged me to stick with my plan by suggesting different positions and techniques. During the toughest phase, she was there to feed me ice chips, hold my hand, help me breathe and cope, and to provide an overall peaceful energy.

She was there to help my otherwise clueless husband be the best support he could be also! Birthing never goes as planned, and she’s there to guide you every step of the way. I would recommend Daniela if you want a positive birthing experience that you can cherish forever.”